Marmi Bruno Zanet

From more than 50 years, Bruno Zanet has been dealing with natural stones in all their different expressions. Thanks to his spirit of discovery, right from the very start of his work, Mr. Bruno has continued to travel to destinations rich in resources, finding stock in Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey and Brazil, which thrive in precious materials and ornamental rocks which soon became classics. 

As early as 1972, Bruno Zanet created the first depot in Volargne (Verona), the precursor of the other important logistical centres like Avenza (Massa Carrara), Grezzana (Verona), Vigo (Spain), Antwerp (Belgium) and Vitoria (Brazil).

The company has continued to grow over recent years thanks to the passion and desire of Bruno Zanet, his children and highly specialized assistants and thanks to the ability to understand market changes, offering new materials and new use horizons.

Bruno Zanet and his team have also managed to understand market changes and the resulting new requirements and new opportunities. Now they offer a wide range of interior design and furniture solutions as well as a wide selection of materials, today over 200.

Marmi Bruno Zanet is constantly present in the world's most important mining basins, such as Brazil and India, backed up by a top ranking  processing capability. These features make Marmi Bruno Zanet the right contact for architects, dealers and general contractors who seek assortment, quality, constant supply, flexibility and highly customized products. These are resource-rich sites where quarrying centers, equipped with leading-edge machinery and equipment, ensure maximum productivity and optimum earnings.

Thanks to its own materials, Marmi Bruno Zanet has contributed to creation of important architectural constructions throughout the world. These can be found, in particular, in Spain, France, Germany, Austria, the United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia.


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Marmi Bruno Zanet
50º Year book