Design solution

Stone Experience

A unique sensorial journey that enhances the characteristics of the stone and creates evocative style...

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STONE FLY: Sink - glass supported

Top in satinated Matrix with elements assembled with frosted clear glass countertop basin.

Do you want to transform your bathroom into a SPA?
Today it is possible, with the fine attention to details and to the elegance of materials: glass sink countertop counter top in satin Matrix. The transparency of water recovered in the purity of the glass to wash your face, and not just this, in a light and iridescent oasis.


audio stone

STONE SOUND: the sound wall

Panels assembled with Beige Marble New King with an implemented and innovative system that allows the marble to transmit sound as a speaker. 

The pleasure of the purity of sound at a time when cutting-edge technology requires us to use sophisticated equipment to fully enjoy excellent surround systems, in contrast , hereby there is a innovative proposal : the excellence of sound in the nature of the material.

Marble panels assembled in New King Beige applied with the innovative "marble " sound ... the pure sound of nature!



STONE BOX:  Bioethanol fireplace ecological Green Onyx backlit

For a living room, a bedroom, a reading lounge, here comes out the idea to combine the heat of the flame to the atmosphere of the mineral : eco-friendly bioethanol fireplace in Green Onyx backlit. 

The chic and effective point light!!

light stone 01
light stone 02