The use of natural stone is perfect for any type of proposal. Today, in fact, the natural stone is used in several projects, each (of which), however, have one thing in common: the desire to convey importance, elegance and inimitable expression.

The continuous search for new materials combined with the most modern techniques of extraction of blocks and the most technological equipment for the slabs’ production placed Marmi Bruno Zanet as an ideal partner for the development of any type of project.

In fact, this research continues(is going on), the latest technology, the desire, the passion and liveliness are the resources that the entrepreneurial Marmi Bruno Zanet employs daily to give answers of high quality to customers, offering products destined to leave an indelible mark in tradition stone.

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min aquardens

The floor of the SPA park Aquardens in Valpolicella was totally cured and made by Marmi Bruno Zanet.


Casa Cor Rio

min zanet00011

CASA COR RIO is a prestigious exhibition in Rio de Janeiro. The projects are signed by the architects Fábio Bouillet and Rodrigo Jorge.


Hotel Ariston - Paestum

min hotel ariston

Marmi Bruno Zanet provided Hotel Ariston Paestum not only Bianco Gioia and Michelangelo but also Giallo Siena and Rosso Francia, making it a luxury establishment.


XinHua Road - Shanghai

min xinhua road2

XianHua road is one of the luxury  residential area of Shanghai and Marmi Bruno Zanet has partecipated to the realization of some units supplying Giallo SF real GM.